2bap_web_hdline1To Be a PilgrimJohn Bunyan’s famous allegory, The Pilgrim’s Progress, is one of the most read books in the English language, second only to the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

Today, however, there is a generation of Christians who have never read The Pilgrim’s Progress.  There are others who have attempted to read it, but seventeenth century puritanical English was much too difficult for the reader to grasp. With others still, who may have read a more updated and modern version of John Bunyan’s allegory, for them the book needed more explanation or commentary.

I am attempting to solve that problem with a slight twist by creating a book that goes beyond a mere modern translation, while providing particular insights into Bunyan’s famous story without diminishing the allegory with a great deal of doctrinal commentary thrown in here and there to disrupt the poetic beauty of the work… and I’ll do this by writing a novel entitled, To Be a Pilgrim: A Novel Based Upon The Pilgrim’s Progress and Other Works by John Bunyan of Bedford.


Help us to produce an edition of The Pilgrim’s Progress that not only gives the reader a modern rendition, but also expands the story in novel form to express the doctrinal depth that Bunyan intended while preserving the beauty of salvation through the Bedford pastor’s personal testimony.

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